Are Nail wraps toxin free?

Are Nail Wraps Toxin Free?

Eliminating toxin exposure completely in today's world is not likely, but we can each do our part to limit our exposure to toxins and detox our bodies regularly.  

To limit toxin exposure we must first gain knowledge about toxins in the products we use.  So often we just trust in companies because we like their products, but what do all of those words on the back of the label actually mean?

We break down the ingredients used in our nail wraps so you can be confident in what you're wearing on your nails.  Here is our list of ingredients, why they are used, and their toxicity level according to EWG's Skin Deep Database:


Polyacrylic acid - emulsion agent used to form film

Polyurethane - increases smoothness of polish

Cellulose acetate butyrate - film former

Adipic acid/neopentyl glycol/trimetallic anhydride copolymer - film former

Triethyl citrate - solvent

Butyl acetate - solvent

Ethyl acetate - solvent

Follow the links to learn more about the ingredients from EWG's Skin Deep Database.  

nail wraps have low toxicity concerns from EWG's Skin Deep Database toxicity ranking system

At the time of this post, each of the ingredients ranks on the low scale of EWG's ranking system for toxicity concerns.  

The science and research of beauty products has improved so much over the past 20 years.  Many companies have eliminated known harmful chemicals from their products, but not all.  Research is a never-ending task and what's safe today might be found as not safe tomorrow.  All we can do as a person is to continue to be aware of the ingredients in our products and food, buy from companies that we trust to make the right choices when formulating their products, and detox our bodies regularly to remove toxins that we have been in contact with. 

We at Sporty Nails will continue to be transparent about the ingredients in our products so you can confidently decide if they align with your journey.  Email any questions or concerns to  


Rock your nails with confidence,
Cristi & Grace
Crist & Grace, founders of Sporty Nails
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