About Us

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    We are Cristi & Grace, a mother-daughter duo, teaming up to design and curate nail wrap collections for those leading casual & athletic lifestyles. We believe just because you have your hands in everything and have short nails, doesn't mean you can't have fabulous nails that compliment your fashion style. Whether you spend your days in yoga pants tending to children, or you are an athlete training hours a day for the sport you love - our nail wraps will be your everyday nails that fit your everyday fashion.

Why we started

I've never been one to enjoy taking the time to go to the nail salon and I've always reserved it to one Christmas/New Year's manicure a year because I'm awful at painting my right hand - you feel me? I have a bit of a perfectionist attitude and smudges were such a pain! SO, after trying many times, I gave up - I kept my natural nails and would indulge in one manicure a year at the holidays, if I could make the time.

The first time I tried nail wraps, I knew it was a game changer for me. I could now get a great manicure at home and enjoy doing nails with my daughter too! We love mixing and matching designs to achieve a unique look. However, we saw a massive limit to the amount of design options for those living an athletic lifestyle. We dream of sport inspired nail wraps and team colors from every sport out there. We know others will love sport inspired nail wraps too, so we decided to do something about it and our concept for Sporty Nails was born.

We hope to grow and serve our fellow athleisure and athletic enthusiasts with everyday nail styles using our fast & easy nail wrap system.

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