Nail wrap designs to show off your style

Nail wraps are a fun and easy way to express your style without the need to travel to a salon or spend a bunch of money. They are easily done on the road and perfect for the busy woman on the GO!

from everyday nail styles

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We've got your nails covered

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"I love how I can change my nail style out in a matter of minutes at home or when traveling."

- Amy, happy customer

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"These are the longest lasting nail wraps, I'll never go to a salon again!"

- Kim, product tester

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Get to know us

We are Cristi & Grace, a mother-daughter duo, teaming up to design and curate nail wrap collections for those leading casual & athletic lifestyles.

We believe just because you have your hands in everything and have short nails, doesn't mean you can't have fabulous nails that compliment your fashion.

Whether you spend your days in yoga pants tending to children, or you are an athlete training hours a day for the sport you love - our nail wraps will be your everyday nails that fit your lifestyle.

Nail wraps are easy and fast to apply, budget friendly, durable, and they look great too!

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